Air conditioning

Air conditioning

    Air conditioning is not only to keep you cool, it will keep the air around you fresh and clean, stop you from getting drowsy and simply give you a more comfortable drive. We offer four types of air conditioning services: test, re-gas, clean. and remove all harmful bacteria.

    We recommend you recharge your A/C system every 12 month, also use it during the whole year to prevent future issues. After that you can be sure that your A/C system is working properly, also de-mist your windscreen quicker in cold weather and remove any unpleasant smell. All operations are carried out by trained and qualified technicians.

    Refrigerants: R134a Tetrafluoroethane (vehicles 1991-2015), HFO 1234yf Tetrafluoropropene (>2015).

  • Test and clean is only £18!!!
  • Test, clean and re-gas: £18 + £0.12/gr R134a (vehicles 1991-2015)
  • Test, clean and re-gas: £18 + £0.18/gr HFO 1234yf (>2015)
  • Remove harmful bacteria £35 + pollen filter
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