How can I book in?

You can call us on 02476 349669, send us an email on or pop in.

How much is MOT?
  • Cars (class 4) £39,99
  • Vans (class 7) £49,99
How can I pay?
We accept credit/debit cards, also cash payments.
Will I have warranty on work?
Yes, both our labour and parts are guaranteed for 12 month (unless otherwise stated).
Is recovery available?
Yes, we provide recovery services.
Do you do A/C refilling?
Yes, the labour is £30 and gas is £5 per 100g.
How long does MOT take?
45 min
Do I need to leave car for MOT or I can stay?
As you wish. You can leave your car with us or you can wait in customer area.